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Sjoerd Mol and Thomas Mensink

Startup Funding Book English

Investor readiness & deal terms

About the book

Fast growth costs a lot of money. That is why many startups seek financial investment sooner or later. But where to start? This book covers the whole process end-to-end, from getting investor-ready to fundraising, negotiating with investors and finally: the exit.

The authors explain the business model of venture capital investors, how they assess startups, the best approach to fundraising, and how to arrive at an optimal term sheet. In short: everything you need to know about venture capital and how to raise it!

Venture capital lawyer Sjoerd Mol and early-stage investor Thomas Mensink use their extensive experiences with startup financing, investors, and deal terms to help entrepreneurs understand how venture capital works and what you can expect as you raise funding.

In addition, this book contains many tips and insights from startup founders and leading VCs, including Creandum, Cavalry Ventures, Peak, Ganas Ventures, Speedinvest, Notion Capital, DN Capital, Prime Ventures and Inventure.


The authors

Sjoerd Mol

Sjoerd Mol has more than fifteen years of experience in startup financing. As a partner at the law firm Benvalor, he assists entrepreneurs and investors in venture capital transactions. He was involved in over one hundred startup investment deals. Sjoerd is also co-author of Venture Capital Deal Terms: negotiating and structuring your venture capital transaction, which is an Amazon Best Seller in Venture Capital.

Thomas Mensink

Thomas Mensink is a startup and investment analyst at Golden Egg Check. He helps startups increase their investor readiness and connect with relevant investors. He also works as a scout for a number of venture capital firms. Since 2022, he runs Golden Egg Check Capital, a co-investment fund to invest in startups together with other VCs or angel investors.

Recommended by VCs and startup experts


“Must-read for entrepreneurs looking to bring VCs on board! It increases your chances of success in attracting funding. The book helps you prepare properly, make the right choices and set up a tight process.”

“Exactly what first-time founders need to navigate the world of venture capital and avoid common pitfalls. Highly recommended!”

Gemma Bloemen, Principal Creandum

“Highly recommended read whether you are a founder or an investor. It provides insights and frameworks in a clear and concise way, and can be used as a manual for anyone looking for fundraising advice.”

Jose Marin FJ LabsJose Marin, Co-founder FJ Labs

“This book is a primer on fundraising. It levels the information asymmetry between founders and investors.”

“This book can help startups avoid raising funding on unfavorable terms. It is a useful and complete book that really should be on the table at all incubators and accelerators.”

Constantijn boekConstantijn van Oranje, Techleap

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