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Why, and how, every startup should enjoy the fundraising process




January 21, 2023


UtrechtInc sat down with Sjoerd Mol and Thomas Mensink to discuss their new book ‘Startup Funding’ and collect some key learning points about fundraising for early-stage startups. The authors shared valuable input about why it’s never too early to read the book and start to learn about investor readiness, as well as what the consequences are of getting too much funding at a too early stage.  

Sjoerd Mol is a partner at Benvalor law firm in Utrecht and co-heads the ‘emerging companies and venture capital practice’. This means that he assists startups with fundraising as well as venture capital investors making investments in companies. “That is my daily job,” Sjoerd says, adding “I have a few side hustles and one of them is writing this book.”  

Sjoerd has written ‘Startup Funding’ together with Thomas Mensink, startup investment analyst at Golden Egg Check. At Golden Egg Check Thomas and his team connect founders to the right investors – and the other way around. “Sometimes we help investors to scout for the most relevant startups in their specific niche and sweet spot,” Thomas clarifies. “We recently launched our own co-investment fund. So now we are also investing in startups.”

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