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Raising funding: sleepless nights and investors dropping out. ‘You don’t often hear that side of the story’




September 5, 2023


Raising venture capital is time-consuming and complicated. To help entrepreneurs, Sjoerd Mol and Thomas Mensink wrote a handbook.

Last week, the authors published an international edition of ‘Start-up Funding: All About Venture Capital and How to Raise It’. The initial plan was to compile Mol’s columns for MT/Sprout about VC and start-ups into a book. “That got a little out of hand,” he smiles. As a lawyer specializing in mergers, acquisitions, and venture capital, he guides start-ups and investors through funding rounds. Mol also co-founded Capital Waters, an initiative to make standard legal documentation available to start-ups.

Handbook for venture capital

In 2020, Mol was invited as a guest on Mensink’s podcast At The Money. “The episode was about deal terms and how to make sure that you don’t get pegged by investors as a start-up. It’s one of the longest and, in terms of subject matter, perhaps the least sexy episodes I’ve made. But, it’s also the most listened to,” Mensink says. In addition to being a podcast host, he works as a start-up and investment analyst at his venture capital investment fund, Golden Egg Check.

“I dragged Thomas into it,” Mol laughs. “It ended up being much more than a compilation of my columns. It’s a handbook; we explain from A to Z what a funding process looks like, what’s involved.”

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